1 Kings 7 describes at length the intricate details of the temple design and decoration.

One detail is utterly fascinating. On top of the two enormous bronze pillars were set two capitals decorated on top with two hundred pomegranates in two rows on each. When you think about, this is a crazy level of detail in a place that no person looking up will really see. However, that isn’t the point. If this temple is to be the symbolic dwelling place of the God of the universe then no amount of design would be too much. It is almost as if God is commanding beautiful design to be incorporated in areas that only he can see.

That is where the name of our design house comes from. Inspiring design that is done to the best of our ability in the service of God to bring glory and honour to the Lord Jesus through the gospel.

Our world is a visual world. Aesthetics, design and branding are the language of our society. Though we would never place our confidence in presentation and media to do the work of transforming lives, utilising visual media in order to attract people to gospel activities, initiatives and outreaches is a wonderful tool at our disposal. We believe great design is of great gain.

Who we are

We are a small Christian design collective that would love to partner with your church or organisation to increase the visibility of your gospel work, in order to extend your reach, grow your footfall and increase your impact for the Lord Jesus. 

Senior designer Simon Oliver has been working in graphic design for over fifteen years, and has delivered wide-ranging projects from web design, print innovation and publicity campaigns, to social media strategies and gospel funding portfolios. All the creative you see on the Work page is his doing.

Co-ordinator Jon Gemmell has been in church work and ministry training for nearly two decades both in local church ministry and also in a global para-church organisation.

Web developer David Butler has over a decade of experience in programming and web development, and has worked on a huge range of christian websites, apps and software projects. You can view the apps and software that he has created and is available to your church at nimisis.com.

We also have a freelance network of exceptional Christian creatives who help out with specific tasks, and are occasionally bought in to consult on large scale projects. 

All of our partners believe in pursuing excellence for the sake of the gospel to the glory of God. 

How we’re different

We deliver what you need rather than what we would like.

At Pomegranate 7, we create and design in such a way that any content can be handed off to our clients to be updated and adapted without us, saving them time and money. This goes hand in hand with our determination to offer design at a price that enables good stewardship of an organisation’s resources.

We also aim to be available and adaptable to ensure projects are delivered to exact specifications, and once delivered we aim to be around to ensure clients understand and feel comfortable using and implementing any creative we produce.

We donate 10% of our profits to Christian ministries worldwide.



We firmly believe that no matter the size of your church, or the scale of your project, we can help, but as all the best partnerships start with a conversation, why not contact us to see what we can do for you