A food bank in Dorset was opening a new branch of their services: a food shop for topping up the weekly shop with treats and extras that might normally be out of reach of those struggling with their bills.

They wanted to bring this under one banner, but felt that ‘Blandford Food Bank’, their original name wasn’t appropriate to their expanding operation. As a result they came up with the name ‘Nourish’, which has much more welcoming and encouraging overtones.

It was at this point that we got involved, and talked about how best to move the brand forward. Working together with the team, we came up with the strapline ‘A community larder and food bank’ and then designed the logo from that point.

We designed a friendly and welcoming logo, that works on several levels. From an initial view you see shopping bag icon, but on further inspection you notice the smiling face. Taking inspiration from the colours of the food bank itself we used a warm and welcoming orange, combined with a fresh and health green.

We produced this logo in several layouts meaning that there is a logo available for every situation.

To help the team keep their marketing output consistent, we also produced brand guidelines that are easy enough for even the least design minded person to use.

To finish off we created a selection of signage, for the store itself, as well as banners that could be transported to various events.

Overall the team was extremely happy with the finished product.

You can learn more about Nourish and the work they do here.

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