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West Coast Gospel Partnership

The West Coast Gospel Partnership (WCGP) is a network of gospel-centred churches in Southwest Scotland committed to fulfilling the Great Commission.

We created them a cohesive brand identity from the ground up. Although WCGP is a relatively new organisation, it needed a strong and unified visual presence to effectively launch its mission.

We developed a vibrant and engaging logo that emphasises their regional focus, creating a sense of connection and community. This new identity was seamlessly integrated across the website, which we designed to be attractive, lightweight, and user-friendly. The website not only reinforces the visual identity but also serves as a vital tool for communication, helping WCGP stay connected with existing partner churches and reach out to potential new partners.

Our work provided WCGP with a robust and appealing brand foundation, essential for fostering collaboration and advancing their mission across the region.

You can visit the site here

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