A food bank in Dorset was opening a new branch of their services: a food shop for topping up the weekly shop with treats and extras that might normally be out of reach of those struggling with their bills. They wanted to bring this under one banner, but felt that ‘Blandford Food Bank’, their original […]

Pray Prepare Preach

Pray, Prepare, Preach is a ministry partnership between The Proclamation Trust and The Good Book Company. This series of study guides has basic talk outlines on various books of Scripture that are designed to help under-resourced Bible teachers in economically poorer parts of the world to understand and explain God’s word clearly and accurately. Having undergone a recent […]

David Jackman Preaching

Renowned expository preacher David Jackman required an archive website, that would host all his available recorded talks, and make them available for free. We created a stripped back, fully-responsive website, that featured only the most relevant content, in order to make it as user-friendly as possible. Bespoke illustrations, and splashes of colour add character to […]


ReadMark was designed to help new readers go through the gospel of Mark and explore the good news of Jesus Christ – the heart of the Christian faith. Creating a resource that was both in-depth and yet simple to use was no mean feat. It was necessary to keep things as clean and uncluttered as […]

The Panoramic Bible

This ESV Panoramic Bible is designed especially to facilitate the study of Scripture. It is ideal for preachers and teachers in preparation, students in learning and others in the sheer delight of feasting upon the Bible themselves. The Bible is anglicised, with all headings stripped out, in a large format that makes it possible to […]

Cross Connections

For over 20 years, Cross Connections has channelled support to overseas gospel workers engaged in expository Bible preaching, especially to those who are training others in this vital ministry. They needed a modern new brand identity and materials designed to enable their ambitions to expand operations and offer help and support to even greater numbers […]

The Proclamation Trust

The Proclamation Trust serves the local church by promoting the work of biblical expository preaching in the UK and further afield. As one of our longest-serving clients, they needed consistent and clear marketing for a variety of conferences and courses. Seeking to be eye-catching but not overblown, we incorporated heavily stylised photographs with bold fonts and […]


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