Why refresh the graphic design and creative of your church?

The website’s worked just fine for the past 15 years, why do we need to update it?

Why do we need a logo?

Why do we need to be on social media?

And so on.

These are just some of the questions we’ve heard asked as an agency when discussing new design, but I’m sure you’ve also heard (or said!) similar things during your time at a church.

And that’s understandable, because it’s right and good that we think deeply about how our resources are being used, and to what purpose they will serve the church, and by extension, the gospel.

Is it really a good use of church time and money to worry about trying to make a church aesthetically appealing to the outside world, when there are so many other important things that it could be doing as an organisation?

I would like to argue, that it absolutely is, and here are a few reasons why.

1. Good design makes your message attractive

Graphic design is all around us, we see and use it every day without even thinking about it.

Those signs which tell us which bus or train we need to get. The way that you instinctively know how to use that app. Why those certain headlines grab our attention…

Good design communicates information well, often without words.

This is a powerful tool, and as churches we can and should utilise it to better reach the world with the message of the gospel.

We have opportunities to proclaim the gospel to millions of people through our creative design and media, way before they set foot in a church.

2. Bad design gets in the way of your message

How many of us have been put off from using certain websites, because they’re so badly designed? How many of us wonder what on earth that advert is supposed to be selling us? How many times have we given up on those instructions and just googled how you’re supposed to use the device?

Often bad design is worse than no design, when people are actively put off the message through the means of communication.

And what is the message that we are trying to communicate as ‘The Church’?

The message of saving grace in Jesus Christ, our Lord.

As churches we have a responsibility to do all we can to share how beautiful the gospel is, but if people are put off from learning more about our churches because the flyer is unreadable, or you can’t even find an address on the church website, how are we ever going to get people in to our churches to hear about Jesus in the first place?

3. Your design communicates what you value

When we look at an example of design, we know instinctively who it’s supposed to be catering too.

That flashy restaurant menu, that ‘does exactly what it says on the sign’ builders merchant, that cool coffee shop logo. When we see examples like that, we could probably write a bio of the intended audience in seconds flat.

As churches, our design and creative should show to a watching world that we love the Lord, and we love people.

It should be inviting and welcoming, encouraging people to explore further, to learn more and to want to get involved.

It may sound daft, but in some small way, the creative and design we produce should communicate the joy and value of knowing Christ.

So then, why refresh the graphic design output of your church?

We hope it has started to become clear that a church’s design and creative output goes beyond mere aesthetics. You’re communicating a clear message to a watching world.

Taking some time to think about what your graphic design communicates, will greatly help you reach your intended audience with the message of the gospel.

And if your church doesn’t have the greatest creative output in the world, then perhaps now might be the right time to explore what options there are to help.

But even if not, don’t despair, there are many ways to improve your output quickly and for free. Many of which we will be going over in future blog posts.

Keep watching this space!

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