Does The Church Value Art?


When I mean art, I mean specifically the visual arts. I would say it’s pretty obvious that music is highly valued (arguably, often too highly valued) in the global church, but what about art, design, film, illustration and so on? How much do we really believe that art can add value to the Christian experience, […]

12 Disciples


Hand’s up, how many of us honestly know all the names of Jesus’ disciples? I didn’t, which is partly the reason we made this little art print. We hope you enjoy it, and it helps with your Bible trivia! Download a copy below, either PDF or Jpeg.



It’s been a while, but we’ve finally completed our latest resource. A study of Bethel, where it is was, why it was important, and all the interesting information you might like to know. As usual we’ve got two versions you can download, a PDF and a jpeg version, just click the buttons below for the […]

The joy of looking up


How often do you look up? No, this isn’t (just) a spiritual question, it’s exactly as it seems. How often do you look up each day? When you’re outside going about your business, how often do you raise your eyes heavenward and see what’s going on above your head? I ask, because when we don’t […]

Judging books by their cover


I’m sure I’m not the first person to have written on this, but I’ve recently found myself wondering, ‘Why are so many Christian book covers terrible?’ Now this isn’t written to shame anyone or slag any particular books off, and it’s not my intention to cause offence but to genuinely consider why so little thought […]

Church of Impact


With a new pastoral team and after a long time of prayer and reflection, the church formerly known as Greenbank Community Church, decided it was time for a fresh start, in order to make a focused effort to reach the local community with the good news of Jesus Christ. As part of this effort, the […]

The Gospel and Star Wars


I love Star Wars. There, I’ve said it. While I appreciate that it’s more acceptable to be a geek these days, I still feel a slight tinge of shame when I admit that. Still, I’ve said it now, it’s out in the open so let’s just move on. ‘What’s this got to do with the […]

Ardgowan Square Evangelical Church

Having a previous website that was overpriced and under-designed, when we spoke to Ardgowan we were able to offer them a better way. For the same price as they were previously paying for a single year of web-hosting, we designed an attractive, bespoke, and user-friendly website, with a new logo to boot! The new site […]

This is not real…

Last week we posted an article and an image about using colour theory in websites; the thing is, we didn’t create them. In fact no human did. They were both generated by Artificial Intelligence. I used Google’s Bard program to create the content and Open AI’s Dall-E to create the image. I must say that […]

Colour theory in website design


Color is one of the most important elements of website design. It can be used to create a mood, convey a message, and influence the way users interact with a website. When used effectively, color can make a website more visually appealing, easier to use, and more memorable. There are a few key things to […]

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