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Why We Exist: The Heart of Pomegranate 7

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In this post, we want to share the story behind Pomegranate 7, a Christian design agency born out of a passion to serve the church. We’ll delve deeper than our About Us page, sharing our beginnings and the motivations that drive us.

A Seed Planted at Cornhill

Back in early 2017, as I was finishing the Cornhill Training course, I contemplated full-time ministry. However, recognising my own strengths and weaknesses, I felt I was called in a different direction. I began exploring how my creative abilities could serve the broader church community.

During this time, I connected with Jon Gemmell, who was then the conference coordinator. Jon is a wellspring of ideas, and over a meal one evening, the seeds for what would become Pomegranate 7 were sown.

Recognising a Need

Jon and I discussed the lack of quality creative materials in many churches, especially smaller ones. We both agreed that only God brings growth and salvation, but we also believed we could help churches and Christian organisations maximise their impact through better websites, advertising, and media.

Our vision was to help churches reach their full creative potential, making it more affordable than traditional options. We wanted to empower them to save time and money, ultimately supporting their ministries and leading to lives changed by Jesus.

Breaking Down Barriers to Quality

Recognising that many churches, particularly small to medium-sized ones, lack the budget or in-house expertise to produce high-quality creative work. Design studios and website builders often have high overheads, leading to expensive services and nickel-and-diming clients.

We wanted to change that. Our goal was to strip away unnecessary costs and offer Christian organisations a better option, ensuring wise stewardship of their resources. We even aimed to empower them to eventually handle their creative needs independently.

More Than a Business: A Ministry Tool

Our business model might sound unconventional, but we see ourselves as a ministry tool rather than a profit-driven company. We offer free gospel and creative resources to equip churches and organisations with no budget to create their own materials.

Growing in Grace and Partnerships

Since our inception, we’ve been blessed to see steady growth, helping dozens of churches and organisations take control of their creative output. We’ve also formed meaningful friendships and gospel partnerships, which are incredibly important to us. We don’t want to be just another brand but rather friends and co-workers in gospel ministry with everyone we serve.

Fuelled by Love for Jesus

We love this work, we love our clients, but most of all, we love Jesus. We will continue serving as long as the Lord deems it necessary.

We hope this glimpse into our motivations has been insightful. If you’re curious to learn more, please reach out. We’d love to hear from you. In the meantime, enjoy our blog and resources!

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