Easter Giveaway


We understand that for churches, Easter is a time of year full of opportunities and exciting potential to reach people with the gospel. We also understand it’s also stressful and busy! To try and help this season run a bit more smoothly then we’re offering seven churches or christian organisations a bespoke piece of Easter […]

The Moabites


It’s been a long time coming but we’ve finally finished our second free resource! An overview of the Moabite relationship with Israel, we’ve tried to include as much helpful information as possible on one of the most notorious enemies of God’s chosen people for bible studies and sermon prep. Drop us a line if you […]

Why do we create? Part 3


In our last entry we considered the effect of sin on our motivation for creating. This time we think about how and why we can create as Christians in the light of Christ’s salvation. I’m sure we all know this quote from Colossians 3: ‘whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all […]

Why do we create? Part 2

In my previous entry I shared a few thoughts about why I believe humans desire to create because God creates. As He is creator of all things, creating is part of his nature, and having created us in His image, so it follows it is also part of our nature. More than that, He commissioned […]

Why do we create? Part 1

Our church has started an Old Testament reading plan for the new year, and as we read I’ve been struck by some of the themes that I hadn’t previously noticed. In Genesis 1:1, we see God create the heavens and the earth, but immediately it’s interesting to note that it doesn’t come out ‘ready baked’ […]

The Dorset Christian Business Directory

The team at the Christian Business Directory approached us to produce a complete rebrand, including a new website, and directory design. We listened to their needs carefully and responded with a clear brand identity, which has a classic design but with a subtle fun twist, lifting it above your typical corporate designs. The website is […]

Grace Church Bothwell

Grace Church Bothwell approached us to update their existing site which hadn’t been refreshed for some time. We listened to what they needed, and after our initial consultation we came up with a few wireframe ideas to help them choose a style they thought was appropriate to their church. This led to an easy-to-update site […]

A design toolbox

It’s all very well having a process, and knowing what you want to produce, but what about when it comes time to actually coming up with the goods? What do you use to make good quality design and creative that doesn’t cost the earth? In the last of our series on producing effective design for […]

Christmas Giveaway

We understand that for churches, this time of year is busy and stressful, as well as exciting and full of opportunities. To try and help this season run a bit more smoothly we’re offering seven churches or christian organisations a bespoke piece of Christmas print marketing completely free of charge! Whether an invite to a […]

A simple process for designing good creative

If you’re thinking seriously about trying to update your church’s creative and design output, it can be a bit daunting to know where to begin. To help make things a bit easier we’ve put together a rough design process that should help you get started. This may seem like a lot, but anyone could do […]

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